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Industry Leaders in Real Estate Insurance.

An organization’s success depends largely on how well it manages risk. And we help managing that risk using risk management techniques in view of their organization’s goals, vision and values.

We like to work with real estate professionals and we like to help in identifying and transferring their risks to qualified competitive insurance companies.

Team MSB strives to be the go-to resource for commercial real estate insurance, and to serve as a trusted resource for owners of real estate and their trusted advisers.

MSB is in its 4th generation of ownership involving in real estate transactions. We understand your business and we bring our expertise to you to help you close deals constantly!

Construction & Development

We provide project specific or ongoing construction and development insurance for all new developments in Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Affordable, Senior & Campus housing industry offering a wide range of risk management techniques.


We provide comprehensive insurance solutions for the Habitational market for properties being developed, managed or being rehabbed. Our team specializes in single and multi-family portfolios’ help you in faster submission process while offering competitive pricing.


Whether it’s a commercial or residential job we offer effective and custom tailored insurance solutions for Architects & Engineers, General & Sub Contractors, and all Professional vendors in their area of expertise.

Hospitality / Food & Beverage

We provide insurance for Bars, Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, and Brewpubs…just to name a few. We support local business and we offer a unique vantage point for this type of risks.


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