Moon Shepherd Baker is a customer focused insurance agency that was founded in 1987 by 3 experienced insurance agents, Howard Moon, Walter Shepherd and Bill Baker.  Walter and Howard had already spent decades in the life and health insurance business, and Bill had been in the property and casualty business insuring commercial real estate.  Over the years, MSB has become a full-service property and casualty insurance agency primarily serving commercial real estate developers, builders, operators and contractors of all description.

Our Personal Lines department is devoted to homes and autos and anything else of a personal nature.

We invite the general public to contact us with inquiries about our specific products, and for quotations on their own pursuits.  We’re always happy to help anyone who might call, even if it is just a question about something we’re not involved in.

We would like to help!



Team MSB creates value and long-term relationship investments maintaining consistency in delivering excellent customer service!



We come to work here every day to service our customers’ insurance needs.  This is a primary building block of our value system.

  • Dedicated to providing excellent insurance service!

  • Customer Focused, Service Oriented!

  • We stand out and We stand for excellence!

  • We invest in longterm relationships and We mean it!

Once you insure with MSB, we’ll work hard to make sure what you need to do is very limited, and anything you sign is very simple.

The insurance placement can be complicated, if your insurance representative does not handle the complicated issues with the idea of making the process simple for you.

At MSB, we show you how easy things can be, because what might come to you as complicate issues, we handle without your help, in the same way we would want our insurance handled if our roles were reversed.

We want every customer who has honored us with their business to feel appreciated, and to feel like we can help them with any issue that comes up.

Just give us the chance, and we’ll show you how we operate, in a way that makes you glad you chose us to work for you.


Howard D Moon, CLU

Travel & Entertainment

Direct Line: 713-686-7778

Bill Baker

Vice President Commercial Lines

Direct Line: 713-538-2000

Afroz Mohammed

Insurance Analytics
Business Development Manager

Direct Line: 713-538-2049

Bob Baker

Account Manager – Commercial Lines

Direct Line: 713-538-2020

Jeremy S Truitt

Servicing Manager- Commercial Lines

Office : 713-957-8112

Damian Rojas

Servicing Manager- Commercial Lines

Direct Line: 713-538-2007

Martha Torres

Personal Lines Manager

Direct Line: 713-538-2038

Ryan Luna

Professional Lines Manager

Direct Line: 713-538-2012

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